E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are crucial for most online businesses because they allow you to buy, sell and pay for products and services online. It’s so important to stay current and up to date in this industry and ecommerce websites do just that, they allow you to keep up with the new wave of online shopping and marketing.

At Silas J Media we will work together with you to make sure that your ecommerce website is not only attractive and user friendly, but owner friendly as well. This way, you as the owner can easily add and remove items from your site, add or remove profiles and make a receive payments through it as well.

Here’s a list of popular types of e-commerce websites:

  1. clothing and apparel
  2. hair, make-up and skin product sales
  3. electronics
  4. office supplies
  5. floral design and delivery
  6. restaurant food orders and payments

Do you want to start or add ecommerce to your business?

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